Concert in the Park

Concert in the Park

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hot DOG!

I'm having a love affair with this new binder i bought!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

So yeah

So I thought today was the day we were doing our group presentations. It wasn't. But hey its never a bad time to look good!

humans. -_-

so I was thinking in class today. we all sit in self assigned seats. no one tells us that we have to sit in the same seat, we are just raised having one seat being yours. in one of my classes I was seat shopping in the first week and people got really mad at me cause they had "claimed" that seat as there own. well earth to you dumb guys, their is no assigned seats.  it really messes with peps   it is so ingrained in our minds from kindergarten. it makes sense but it is still it is childish for adults to be worried about who is in"their" seat!!  humans are amazing. lol

Sunday, December 1, 2013

God Save the King

I just watched The King's Speech for the third time.  Those who know me know that I am huge Anglophile.  So it is not much surprise that I think of it as one of the best Dramas that i have seen.  Geoffrey Rush is amazing in it.  You can tell that his character cares very deeply for Berty, and i love how he is also so unimpressed by his status.  What really gets me is the undying support that the Queen has for her King.  She always believes in him and is also there to give him a smile, or an arm on the shoulder.  That's the dream having someone love and support you no matter what.  On my Third viewing I started to understand the film in a different way.  Lionel goes through the whole movie seeing Berty as just a man that he was helping and a friend.  But when war breaks out and he knows that his son will be going to war, things changed in a subtle way.  As the Speech that the film is named after progresses and it goes through all of the king's subjects it finally landed on Lionel himself.  Instead of the King leaning on him for support the way it had been for the whole movie it was Lionel that was looking for support.  You can see Lionel's whole demeanor has changed and he is looking away and listening to the Speech just like the rest of the Empire.  It just really touched me.  that is all

Saturday, November 30, 2013

New Favorite Artist

Check out these pictures they are so surreal. 

Here's a Link to his site.


Ha Cha! I'm gonna clean my apartment today!!!!

What do Goblins Smell Like?

What do Goblins Smell Like?

a short story by Mark Warner
     What do goblins smell like you ask? well to answer that question ill have to tell you this story.. when I was young I lived in a small town outside of Chicago. it was call Bluehaven. it was a quite suburb that had grown around one of the biggest butcheries in Chicago. one of my favorite things to do when I was your age was watch the cattle auctions that happened every Sunday. it cost a whole nickel to get in but it was worth it. the auctioneer would talk a mile a minute. an some how the buyers could understand him. all I could get out if his rambles where SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! I had always been fascinated by cattle. even when the auction wasn't going on I would sit by the train tracks and watch the huge cattle cars drive by. I'm getting a little side tracked. but anyway.....what was I talking about.. oh yeah what do goblins smell like? so as I got older I got more and more mischievous. me and my pals would sneak into the giant slaughterhouses and explore. one night when I was about 16 me and my buddy jack McDowell sunk into one of the slaughter houses to smoke our cigarettes. my mom would have rang my neck if she saw me doing that. she was such a hard aa... well she cared a lot about me. so me and jack were smoking at the slaughterhouse, by the way smoking is bad kids. it really messed with me when I was younger. thank goodness I stopped the next day and never ever smoked again ever......... so back to the story....there we were at the big slaughterhouse. now in this particular slaughterhouse there were a massive amount of live cows. they all constantly mooed at all hours. Jack wasn't the biggest fan but he would hang out there anyway cause it was one of the only places we could get a smoke. well this particular night there was a different sound. it was a high pitched squill and it was so loud it drown out the mooing. it was so loud we had to cover our ears. we dropped our smokes and went to check it out. we looked over the cattle and say something that didn't belong. From the light of the full moon we saw that it was bigger than the cattle and it arms dragged on the ground. As we inched closer we saw that it was green and had huge pointy ears with a huge nose that had boils and moles covering it. Me and Jack had never seen anything like that it and being the fearless not-to-be-shown-up-by-anyone teens that we were, we dared ourselves to see how close we could get to it. to speak the truth that was the scariest moment of my life. Now, I'm just a regular guy and I've never been much into superstition or supernatural happenings but If that wasn't a goblin then the sky isn't blue. it was very preoccupied with something. as we approached it we saw a cow on the ground, and this is sick, it was being eaten by the goblin, gross right? the Goblin's yellow teeth took huge bits out of the cow. blood was everywhere. on the floor, on the goblin entire shimmered in the moonlight. this was it for me, I let out a scream and the goblin heard me. He turned to look at us and roared. he came at us with the veracity of a wild animal. we turned and ran. now I tell you I ran faster than I had ever ran before in my life. we could hear the snarling and shrieking of the goblin. now I know this sounds bad and I truly had a friend in Jack, but I figured I don't have to outrun the goblin I just had to outrun him. this was life or death, do or die I had to something quick so I tripped jack........I'm not proud of it but I had to do. the goblin went right for Jack and he was on top of him in an instant. and here is the answer to the question: what did it smell like? it smelt like pine needles and it was rather pleasant. ahww good times.