Concert in the Park

Concert in the Park

Sunday, December 1, 2013

God Save the King

I just watched The King's Speech for the third time.  Those who know me know that I am huge Anglophile.  So it is not much surprise that I think of it as one of the best Dramas that i have seen.  Geoffrey Rush is amazing in it.  You can tell that his character cares very deeply for Berty, and i love how he is also so unimpressed by his status.  What really gets me is the undying support that the Queen has for her King.  She always believes in him and is also there to give him a smile, or an arm on the shoulder.  That's the dream having someone love and support you no matter what.  On my Third viewing I started to understand the film in a different way.  Lionel goes through the whole movie seeing Berty as just a man that he was helping and a friend.  But when war breaks out and he knows that his son will be going to war, things changed in a subtle way.  As the Speech that the film is named after progresses and it goes through all of the king's subjects it finally landed on Lionel himself.  Instead of the King leaning on him for support the way it had been for the whole movie it was Lionel that was looking for support.  You can see Lionel's whole demeanor has changed and he is looking away and listening to the Speech just like the rest of the Empire.  It just really touched me.  that is all

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