Concert in the Park

Concert in the Park

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hello family,

All is well

I'm doing good at school.

My history class is fun to the max. I'm learning alot about america that I didn't know :)

All I have to say about history is that highschool history class failed me. Even though I loved it, it barely taught me anything. these college courses are a well of knowledge.

My music classes are......alright

The music bussiness class I'm taking is discouraging. Not that I'm doing ba in the class, it is just a real learning experience on how tough the music industry is. It is hard go see having a family and going heavily into a music career. It is tough...... any advice would be great.

Music theory is great I'm learning hecka musical things. Really fun class. Also my piano class is amazing. So much fun, learning a ton.

Psychology is fun but it might be the hardest class I have (which isn't saying much) all that means is that I have to pay more attention in class and study harder, which is not that difficult.

Institute! Institute is really great I'm making tons of friends and learning the gospel. I gave such a testimony of institute it can be so spiritual and lovely. My testimony of the church and the gospel has grown so much from insititute. :)

Well that is it for now(sorry it toke so long) : )

Stay cool


  1. I didn't know you were so into music Mark. AWESOME. there may just be a tiny tiny eensy weensy part of me that is starting to miss school. JUST (JUST said shouting) the learning part. Institute ROCKS huh!? I definitely miss institute maybe one of these days i will go sneak in to some classes. love ya buddy

  2. Hey Marker!
    So good to hear from you and that school is going good! How's the rest of your life (or maybe school IS your life?)